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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Both of these were created for The Virtual Paintout, a project in which artists create a drawing or painting based on Google Street views. Each month there is a different country. Last month was Latvia...this month is Thailand. And, it has the approval of Google, that is, no copyright infringement against the artwork...free to sell, as well.

Either one is $100 plus $8 shipping via USPO Priority Mail (Continental U.S.)

The first is based on a street scene from Latvia. The second is from Thailand.

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Waiting for the Bus - Pastel
7-5/8" x 9-3/4" - For Sale

Monk's Wash Day - Colored Pencil & Pastel
7-5/8" x 9-3/4"  For Sale


  1. Is it waiting for the bus that makes the woman on the right appear so disagreeable? Or the yapfest to the left? Ah, such a slice of life :-)

    Love the turquoise in the second one.

  2. Good stuff. Doug may be right.

  3. Doug---Actually Google blurs out faces, so I make them up. In the original photo the bench is probably 12 - 16 feet wide and the woman on the right is sitting on the opposite end. I moved her over. It struck me that the prattler on the left was aggravating the stranger on the right...to the point that Ms Aggravated was praying that the damned bus would get there soon. I make up shit like that.

    Turquoise been bery guud to me!

    Punch---He is.

  4. YD G---Ah, a person of impeccable taste, no doubt ;-)

  5. your work is quite nice.
    I particularly like Breakfast at the HyVee.

  6. Rubye Jack---Thank you. I'm always pleased that someone has found something I've created to their liking. This particular one is also my wife's favorite.


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