Discerning Eyes

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Queenstown Tasmania

A roadside shack in Queenstown, Tasmania. Done for August's The Virtual Paintout.

8" x 10" - Colored Pencils & Pastel
$100. USD (see PayPal below)


  1. I like the battered up old blinds in the window.

  2. DSWS---Yeah, me too. I probably should have just concentrated on the blinds, and dumped the rest of it because that was what interested me initially.

  3. The initial draw is the blinds, but the overhang pulls you away to what I see as a very pleasing shape. I like the orange band within the blue-greens.

  4. An astute observation, Doug. The actual picture was taken very either very late afternoon or early morning. It was almost dark. I just can't help myself and had to upbeat the somber feel of it...with the orange, I mean. There was really on a touch of rust in it.


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