Discerning Eyes

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Denmark II

My second submission from Denmark to The Virtual Paintout:

Seaside - Denmark
8" x 10" - Acrylic on Canvas

Some older work of mine at Photobucket


  1. That's what I noticed, too. The shadows are gorgeous, JJ. I think this is my fave so far.

  2. D S W S---It's that time of year here in which I am seeing this kind of early morning contrast. It's almost a religious experience for me. I love it.

    Doug---I glad you see that. I spent a lot of time monkeying with the shadows. It looks like Goggle went through the southern tip of Denmark in the early hours of daylight. Fantastic colors and light.

  3. Wonderful color! I love the horizontal bands of color, especially the pink.....unexpected, and perfect.

    1. Diane Ursin---Thank you for the kind words. Coming from an accomplished painter such as yourself, very flattering indeed.


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