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Monday, April 1, 2013

The countries for "The Virtual Paint Out" for February and March were...Chile and Lithuania. These were my submissions.

"Outside a Restaurant" - Chile
6" x 9" - Pastel

"Pink Bag Lady" - Lithuania
6" x 8" - Pastel


  1. I wish I could draw figures that even remotely resembled people :-)

    The first one is my fave; it's bold and blocky and the shades on the woman on the right is a nice touch.

    I like 'em both, no foolin', JJ.

  2. Doug---Nothing wrong with sticks, man. Actually, that first one is slightly out of focus, but I was in a hurry and after three tries, I gave up. Hey, I can draw people and you are a hell of a photographer. It's a cosmic thing Glad you like it though. Thanks for the good words :)

  3. Love the composition, shapes and color of 'Pink Bag Lady'. Great find!

  4. Leslie---Thank you. She struck me because she looked so small, fragile and lonely


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